Board Member Recruitment

The Equity in Education Coalition

Washington’s only civil rights organization focused on building a revolution in education that a child’s race and zip code aren’t the predicating factors in defining their success.

Our Vision

EEC envisions a future where each and every child of color attains birth-through-career success. We believe our state cannot and will not close the opportunity gap without hearing the voices of people of color, and we are building a movement of power within communities of color to advocate for an education system that promotes racial equity. EEC is founded, led, and staffed by people of color.

Our Work 

In the past five years, EEC has accomplished major successes.

EEC has:

  • Secured $800 million in targeted programs for students of color, like the Learning Assistance Program, Transitional Bilingual Instructional Program, and the Extended Learning Opportunity Program.
  • Mobilized people of color on education issues, including 4,000+ participants at EEC’s Betsy DeVos Counter Rally; 1,000 activists for EEC’s Equity Rally in Olympia; and hundreds in EEC’s Eliminating the School to Prison Pipeline Workshop series.
  • Helped craft a strong and inclusive Discipline Bill, which includes a reentry program for children who are suspended or expelled, stronger data collection standards, and a time limit for suspension and expulsion.
  • Secured a $2.365M grant from the Office of Broadband, Department of Commerce to engage 40+ community staff members to facilitate our communities ease with digital literacy, open our multi-lingual multi-cultural tech support center, and build a community-based broadband system.

Our Future

EEC will

  • Continue to work to eliminate racism in Washington’s education system.
  • Listen to and work with students and families experiencing homelessness to develop a solutions-based strategy for ending youth homelessness in Washington.
  • Remain engaged with the Racial Equity Team, a network of community organizations and lobbyists of color, to push for racial equity at a state-wide policy level.
  • Run legislation calling for the training of school resource officers, more equity in education funding, and an end to suspension and expulsion for elementary school students.

Roles & Responsibilities

The board is required to meet a minimum of three times during the year. Currently, the Board will meet once a quarter, via conference call or in person. It is acceptable to utilize the executive committee during those other times to continue the business of the association.

The responsibilities of the Board members include, but are not
limited to:

  • Attend EEC Board meetings. This is governed by the by-laws.
  • If a Board member misses more than three meetings, they can be asked to step down.
    • An organization cannot function if its Board fails to perform its duties. Therefore, it is essential to attend the meetings to take care of business.
    • EEC strives to be economical in use of meeting times, and to take care of as much business as possible in other ways (e.g., electronic communication)
  • Be familiar with all EEC policies and activities.
  • Become knowledgeable about the EEC budget and participating in the
  • budget planning process.
  • Participate in activities related to the realization of the EEC mission.
  • Work to increase awareness of EEC
  • Encourage collaboration between other organizations and EEC.
  • Participate in the recruitment of new EEC general members, .committee
  • members, committee chairs and officers.
  • Support resource development for the EEC in whatever ways are best
  • suited.
  • Make every effort to attend the EEC annual retreat.

Please fill out the application below. We look forward to connecting with you!