Breaking Down Breakfast After the Bell

We all know that when kids are hungry, they’re not ready to learn. Kids from low-income communities and food insecure families are at a disadvantage academically because they’re unable to get the nutrients they need. In order to ensure that our kids can reach their full potential, we need to make sure that a rumbling tummy does not get in the way of their education.

Washington Kids Ready to Learn Act, or more colloquially known as Breakfast After the Bell, will provide breakfast to students in high needs schools, as well as adequate time to eat the breakfast. The Act also eliminates “co-pays” for students that qualify for reduced price lunch, increasing access to accessible food options, and promotes farm-to-school programs to ensure our kids real, healthy food.

Breakfast After the Bell has passed the House Committee on Education, House Committee on Appropriations, and the Rules Committee – meaning WA State House of Representatives has passed their version of the bill in full! But as of now, it is stuck in the Senate Ways and Means Committee, waiting to move forward.

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