Al Herron

Al is a Particle Physicist, Electrical Engineer, and Entrepreneur.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, a Master’s in Electrical Engineering, and is currently pursuing his PhD in Business Management, Strategy & Innovation Specialization.  He has spent his career pushing the boundaries of Compact Linear Accelerator Technology, driving New Business Development Opportunities, and working with fellow Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

In his early career, Al was a physics technologist working for the University of Washington Physics Department, followed by a stint at the Center for Experimental Nuclear Physics & Astro Physics (CENPA).

He then moved on to Boeing Aerospace, working at the Boeing Radiation Effects Laboratory, and was a principle in the development of Cryogenically Cooled Particle Accelerators, as a part of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI – “ Star Wars”).  Al later took a position at a small company in California’s Bay Area, developing compact linear accelerators for Nuclear Waste Assay, Explosives Detection, and the early stages of the development work for the Super Conducting Super Collider in Texas.  This led to further work in Northern Texas, with the construction, development, assembly, & commissioning, of a 20 million facility for the production of radio isotopes used in cancer therapy.

Al’s current business focus is in the Technology Business Development, and Social Enterprise Space. He is the Principle Consultant at Puget Sound Nexus, LLC, (PSNXS).  This company is a Dynamic Business Innovation and Resource Development Enterprise

PSNXS connects resources and opportunity through practical business strategies and strategic partnerships. Working and partnering with clients from the private, public, and non-profit sectors throughout the Puget Sound Region to identify high-value opportunities while addressing operational challenges.

With a focus on STEM initiatives and the impact of the new innovation economy, PSNXS is able to leverage national partnerships and affiliations in order to provide sustainable solutions for our under-served/underutilized communities in the Puget Sound Region.

He is also the Founder and Executive Director of STEMTAC Foundation Development Program, a non-profit organization, and is Founder of STEMTAC, LLC, a Technology Consulting Firm.. STEMTAC Foundation provides innovative programs for STEM Education and Training, which are currently under development, in conjunction with Eastside Psychology Services, and STEMTAC Consulting, LLC.  These Targeted, results oriented, developmental programs touch on a wide range of STEM disciplines, with an eye on creating tangible impact and results.

Memberships, Associations, & Affiliations: The Breakfast Group of Seattle Board, Washington State Department of Commerce Minority Business Roundtable, Governor’s African American Community Roundtable, Governor’s Commission on African American Affairs, Seattle Mayor’s Youth Employment Opportunity Planning Committee, The Lake Washington School District STEM School Advisory Board, The American Physics Society, The National Society of Black Physicists, The National Society of Black Engineers.

Harium Martin-Morris

Harium is a retired IT manager from The Boeing Company. He spent 8 years on the Seattle School Board (2007-2015). He has a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Elementary Education from SUNY Cortland, a Masters of Business Administration from Babson College, and K-6 Teaching Certificate in the State of Washington. During his tenure on the Seattle School Board, he served on the Council of Great City Schools and the Council of Urban Boards of Education under the National School Board Association as vice-chair.

Deborah Cano-Lee

Deborah Sioux Cano-Lee

Deborah Sioux Cano-Lee has worked for the Nisqually Tribe for 10 years, and is currently the Program Director for their Head Start program.

As a strong advocate of children and youth rights, Deborah has recently been appointed to serve a 2 year term as one of two National Representative to the World Forum Foundation for the United States.

Her activism also contributed to a gubernatorial appointment where she served 4 terms as Commissioner from 2004-2013 for the Washington State Human Rights Commission, the state agency that enforces the Washington State Laws Against Discrimination.

Before her state appointment, Deborah served as Chair of the Seattle Civil Rights Commission. She is co-founder and currently Board President of the Washington Indian Civil Rights Commission, and she is a commissioned Notary Public.

Deborah currently resides in Olympia with her husband of 30 years, and their two-college student kids

Dr. James Smith

James Smith

Dr. James B. Smith retired in 2003 after 35 years as a high power executive for a Fortune 500 corporation (Allstate Insurance Company). Dr. Smith has a BS in Business Administration, an MBA and PhD in Business Administration with emphasis in Leadership and Corporate Strategic planning, as well as his k – 8 Teaching credentials from Antioch University.

Dr. Smith’s current work includes being a member of the Black Education Strategy Roundtable Executive Committee; Chair of the Seattle Breakfast Group Education Committee; member of the Leaders of Communities of Color for Education Excellent; Board member of CEER; member of the SHB 2722 legislative Advisory Committee charged with developing teaching strategies and best practices for narrowing the achievement gap for African American students; member of the Washington Education Association’s team that developed strategies for recruiting and retaining diverse teachers throughout the state; and a participant on the Higher Education Commission’s Committee on Teacher Preparation.

Dr. Smith currently serves as an alternate on the Washington State’s Education Opportunity Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee; functions as a member of the OSPI Data Governance Committee. He was recently appointed to the Student Discipline Task Force that was created by legislative enacted SB 5946. In addition, he was recently appointed to the Seattle School District’s Increasing Academic Achievement for African American Male Scholars Think Tank and will be participating on an advisory team that will work with the UW’S Seattle Minority Engagement and Disproportionality Reduction (MENDR) Research Collaborative.

Dr. Smith was honored last year by the Seattle Central Area Chamber of Commerce as one of the six African American Men who have done extra ordinary things on behalf of the African American Community. He was also awarded the Ambassador for Peace recognition by the International Ambassadors for Peace Organization.

Tony Lee

Tony Lee

Tony Lee is the Equity in Education Coalition Board President and Co-Founder.

Until September 2014, Tony was the Advocacy Director for Solid Ground in Seattle as well as the Policy Director for the Statewide Poverty Action Network (SPAN).

Now, in “retirement”, Tony is the Senior Fellow at Solid Ground, and supports and advises Poverty Action and Solid Ground’s advocacy work with local government on issues related to funding and human service policies.

Tony was a founding member of Poverty Action in 1996, playing an essential role in its development and direction.

Dr. Bernal Baca

Bernal Baca

Dr. Baca is a founding Board Member of the Equity in Education Coalition.

Dr. Bernal Baca has been employed as the AFT Washington Lobbyist since 2009. When he isn’t working in Olympia at the State Legislature, he is assisting with our political and legislative program.

Prior to AFT Washington, he was an executive board member and the local union president of AFT Yakima faculty. Bernal has been an AFT member for over 30 years.

Dr. Baca earned his Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), Organizational Leadership as well as his Masters in Counseling, Mental Health Counseling/Counselor from Seattle University.  Dr. Baca also has a Master of Arts (M.A.), Public Administration from Washington State University and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Political Science and Government from University of Colorado at Boulder.

Dr. Baca has been a season ticket holder for the Denver Broncos since 1971.