James Smith

Dr. James Smith

Dr. James B. Smith retired in 2003 after 35 years as a high power executive for a Fortune 500 corporation (Allstate Insurance Company). Dr. Smith has a BS in Business Administration, an MBA and PhD in Business Administration with emphasis in Leadership and Corporate Strategic planning, as well as his k – 8 Teaching credentials from Antioch University.

Dr. Smith’s current work includes being a member of the Black Education Strategy Roundtable Executive Committee; Chair of the Seattle Breakfast Group Education Committee; member of the Leaders of Communities of Color for Education Excellent; Board member of CEER; member of the SHB 2722 legislative Advisory Committee charged with developing teaching strategies and best practices for narrowing the achievement gap for African American students; member of the Washington Education Association’s team that developed strategies for recruiting and retaining diverse teachers throughout the state; and a participant on the Higher Education Commission’s Committee on Teacher Preparation.

Dr. Smith currently serves as an alternate on the Washington State’s Education Opportunity Gap Oversight and Accountability Committee; functions as a member of the OSPI Data Governance Committee. He was recently appointed to the Student Discipline Task Force that was created by legislative enacted SB 5946. In addition, he was recently appointed to the Seattle School District’s Increasing Academic Achievement for African American Male Scholars Think Tank and will be participating on an advisory team that will work with the UW’S Seattle Minority Engagement and Disproportionality Reduction (MENDR) Research Collaborative.

Dr. Smith was honored last year by the Seattle Central Area Chamber of Commerce as one of the six African American Men who have done extra ordinary things on behalf of the African American Community. He was also awarded the Ambassador for Peace recognition by the International Ambassadors for Peace Organization.