Washington State Legislative Bill Tracker

This is our Legislative tracker from the 2018 Washington State Legislative Session.

Disclaimer: We update our bill tracker regularly but sometimes we just can’t keep up with the quick pace of policy amendments. Please forgive any complications due to delay.

High Priority Bills


Bill Number Name Summary Sponsors, Endorsers EEC’s Verdict
Washington Voting Rights Act Ensures that every voter has an equal opportunity to elect the candidate of his or her choice and empowers local governments to fix the widespread problem of voter exclusion in local elections. Sen. SaldaƱa. Rep. Gregerson. Racial Equity Team. Support
HB1508 Breakfast After the Bell Increases access to breakfast during the school day in schools with over 70% low income students, providing high need schools with majority students of color with the food kids need to learn. Rep. Stonier. Rep. Dolan. Racial Equity Team. Support
HB2186 Improving Fariness of State Tax System Invests in Washington families by improving fairness of the state’s tax system and closing loopholes for special interests, thereby freeing up resources for education. Rep. Lytton. Support
HB2616 TBIP Expansion Expands access to the Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program (TBIP), providing more support for kids who come from environments where a language other than English is dominant, particularly immigrant, refugee, and native communities. Rep. Santos Support
HB2621 De-linking State Exams from Graduation Requirements Removes high stakes state assessments as necessary for graduation, working to end undue penalization of kids of color stuck in the opportunity gap. Rep. Stonier Support
HB2748 Flexibility in LAP Funds Allows Learning Assistance Program (LAP) funds to be more flexible, balancing local control and state accountability. Rep. Santos Support
Increasing Poverty Based LAP Fund Requires each school to receive additional Learning Assistance Program (LAP) funding dependent on number of low-income students, directing resources towards the kids who need them. Rep. Jenkin, Extended Learning Opportunity Council Support
HB2767 Stopping Suspension/Expulsion of K-2 Students Prohibits extreme forms of discipline for our youngest learners, and keeps more young kids of color in the classroom. Rep. Ortiz Self Support