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For too long the voices of communities of color have been neglected at many decision-making levels. It is alarming that so many decisions that affect our communities are made without us present, decisions that often times have no effect or actually foster negative effects on our students and their families.

EEC was formed on the basis that no discussion about our kids and families of color should happen without representation. By working together, we can significantly increase the engagement of communities of color in closing the opportunity and achievement gap.

The EEC believes that no one can talk about our experiences as communities of color than we can.  But we also know that there hasn’t been enough investment in the infrastructure of our communities so that we can tell our stories.

We are currently offering the following trainings

Eliminating The Pipeline: Transforming Juvenile Justice and School Discipline

A five-part professional growth series connecting schools and educators with those who work in the courts and justice system to reflect, learn and take action – working to put an end to disproportionate discipline practices and provide better service to our children. Learn more and register.

  1. Before we begin: Understanding why racial equity in education is important
    Thursday, April 27,  5:30-8:30
  2. Entering the pipeline: Early learning and discipline
    Friday, June 9 5:30-8:30
  3. Through the pipeline (Part I): Discipline in the school building
    Date: Thursday, September 14,  5:30-8:30
  4. Through The Pipeline (Part II): Action and reaction
    Date: Thursday, November 9,  5:30-8:30
  5. Into the Courthouse: Courts igniting change
    Date: TBD

School Funding 101 

Are you interested in learning more about school funding? The EEC can help! Contact info@eec-wa.org for more information and to schedule a training for your group or community.

We have previously offered the following trainings

Common Core and Smarter Balanced Assessment What Common Core means to your after school and summer programs  (For Community Based Organization Staff)

  1. What is Common Core?
  2. Is Common Core the same thing as a curriculum?
  3. What are the best practices to use for your after school and summer education programs to meet “The Core”
  4. Smarter Balanced Assessment — what’s the hype?
  5. Common Core is here — now what?

In the future, the Equity in Education Coalition will offer the following trainings to communities:

Advocate!  Community based organizations advocating at the local level

  1. How to advocate with a 501(c)3 status.
  2. Telling your organization’s story.
  3. Representing your families and clients.

Undoing Institutional Racism in Education — Undoing racism while fostering understanding and allies within the institution.

For more information, please check out our calendar.