Mobilization and Outreach

Our communities have a rich history of using peaceful, public demonstrations to fight for civil liberties and human rights. Following this tradition, The Equity in Education Coalition mobilizes students, parents, teachers, and allies to take action and bring justice to kids of color. We organize protests and rallies to engage our communities and demonstrate to decision-makers the need for equity. In this, we strengthen the political power of the most marginalized, and effectively change legislative priorities.

Don't DeVostate our Public Schools.
Public school advocates hold up signs at EEC’s DeVos Counter-Rally.


Betsy DeVos Counter-Rally

This October, US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos came to Bellevue to speak at a fundraiser. DeVos’ past and recent policy seeks to privatize public schools, disproportionately hurting kids of color. EEC organized hundreds of public education advocates to show Washington decision-makers that we need to choose students over profits, and oppose DeVos’ plans to privatize public schools. We teamed up with 26 organizations, brought together elected officials and community leaders, and scored media coverage in over 300 publications nationwide.

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Equity Rally

Last February, EEC gathered 1,500 people in the Washington State capitol, calling on decision-makers to prioritize equity in education policy. Joined by State Senator Rebecca Saldaña, and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal, we rallied for social and racial justice for our students.

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