Professional Development and Trainings

The Equity in Education Coalition is tired of politicians paying lip service to diversity and education officials serving up hollow promises to close the opportunity gap. We are sick of attempts to help kids of color that instead hurt them more.

The EEC works as a Washington education “watchdog,” keeping an ear in our communities and eye on our elected officials. As both emerging practices and negative trends appear in schools, the EEC bubbles up this crucial information, laying the groundwork for effective problem-solving, and shining light on actions that affect our kids. We need education policy to stay rooted in schools and communities.

Without our schools exemplifying working racial and social justice practices, Washington’s education will struggle to achieve equity; and without our communities holding Olympia accountable, education policy won’t help our kids.

In other words, we act as the bridge between real people experiencing the opportunity gap and the decision makers who want to close it. We seek to create a two way conversation between parents and teachers who feel that no one is listening, and decision makers looking for guidance on issues of equity. Instead of gate-keeping, we work to gate-break.