Who We Are Staff

  • Sameth Mell

    Project Director, Partners in Change Program

    Sameth Mell identifies as a 1.5 generation Khmer American who was born in the Kao I Dang refugee camp in Thailand a few years after the genocide ended in Cambodia. He is currently involved in a few grassroots organizations working towards social and economic justice. Sameth is the Project Director for Partners in Change, a […]

  • Jacquelyn Billups

    Senior Executive Assistant/Office Manager

    Jacquelyn, though born in North Dakota, claims Washingtonian status having been raised in Tacoma. After graduating in 2015 with her B.A in Economics she pursued math education and youth advocacy. Jacquelyn enjoys tutoring math, skating, singing karaoke, and crocheting.

  • Amy Robertson

    Volunteer Data and GIS mapping coordinator

    Amy Robertson is the Volunteer Data and GIS mapping coordinator for the Digital Equity Program.  She spends her daytimes as a Research Professor in the Physics Department at Seattle Pacific University, working to reconceive physics as a more equitable and just space.  Amy’s orientation toward justice work is deeply shaped by her experiences as a chronically ill person.  She believes […]

  • Christi Keith

    Covid Rapid Response Director

    Christi Keith is coming on-board as our Covid Rapid Response Director on a temporary basis to help us with the food assistance program. Christi was interim Executive Director at NARAL as well as Executive Director of the Seattle Children’s Museum. She was proud to lead the Museum through a tumultuous period and focused on actions that can be […]

  • Sharonne Navas

    Sharonne Navas Co-Founder & Executive Director

    Sharonne Navas is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Equity in Education Coalition. The first American born child of immigrant parents from Guatemala and El Salvador, Sharonne understands, and values, the complexity of being mutli-lingual and multi-cultural in America.  A native of New York City, Sharonne moved to the Seattle area in 2009. Past […]

  • Velma Veloria

    Velma Veloria Director of Advocacy and Mobilization

    The Honorable Velma Veloria, was born in Bani, Pangasinan, Philippines and immigrated to the United States in 1961. She received her BS in Medical Technology from San Francisco State College. She was elected into office and became the first Asian American woman and first Filipina American elected to the Washington State legislature. Representing the 11th District, Veloria served […]

  • Risa Nagel

    Picture of Human Development Associate

    Risa Nagel is the Development Associate of the Equity in Education Coalition. As a fairly recent pupil of an underfunded public high school and over-resourced private university, Risa has first hand experience of the gross inequalities eroding our education system. Risa previously worked as an organizer for a variety of campaigns including: increasing accessibility and […]

  • Reneeka Massey-Jones

    Opportunity Youth and Workforce Development Coalition Coordinator & EEC Communications

    Reneeka Massey-Jones is a 2018 graduate from Central Washington University with a bachelor of arts degree in English- Professional and Creative Writing. Since 2013, Reneeka has worked in customer service roles while making her way through college. She got her first experience in state work as a Student Co-op in the Migrant and Bilingual Education […]

  • Manny

    picture of a dog Office Security

    Manny enjoys going for walks, eating good food, playing with his brother Porter and lounging around the house watching Netflix with Mom and Dad. This is Manny’s first job and he is so excited about it. Manny has vowed to service and protect this office. We are lucky to have him on board. Thanks for […]

  • Porter

    picture of a dog Office Manager

    Porter enjoys walkings in the park, going to doggie daycare, messing with his brother Manny and eating anything he’s given. As the New Office Manager Porter is very busy in his new role, but he is loving every minute of it. for inquiries on all things EEC office, please contact Porter…you might be waiting awhile. […]