EEC Files “Friend of the Court” Brief in McCleary Case

EEC filed an amicus brief late Wednesday night, urging the Washington State Supreme Court to retain jurisdiction in the McCleary case by detailing how lack of school funding disproportionately hurts kids of color. We teamed up with the Washington Budget and Policy Center to demonstrate that the opportunity gap in Washington will worsen under the legislature’s plans. In conjunction with our legal action, the McCleary and Venema families, teacher’s unions, a coalition of school districts, advocates of children with disabilities, the NAACP, and Washington’s Paramount Duty filed three other “friend of the court” briefs imploring the courts to hold the state legislature accountable to Washington students.

Here’s an excerpt from a Seattle Times’ article that explains all four briefs (full article, here). To read the amicus brief in full: BRIEF OF AMICI CURIAE 

Amicus Brief from Seattle Times


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