Ensuring Diversity Works to Undo Institutional Racism

Rescinding Obama-era guidelines to promote diversity in American colleges will dismantle opportunities for kids of color and weaken our educational institutions.

Historically, our education system was never tasked to educate all students. From separate but equal to zero tolerance, there have always been policies preventing kids of color from receiving the same education as their white peers. 

If college admissions processes do not account for the historical and institutionalized racism students of color face, our higher education system will continue to perpetuate the inequalities of our past.

If we are truly committed to equal access to education for each and every student, then we cannot allow the Trump administration to move our country backwards. 

Diverse educational institutions benefit all students in America. New perspectives and ideas from different lived experiences enrich classrooms and students’ learning. Diversity is strength; and increasing diversity, by ensuring the presence of students of color, is a win-win for the American educational system. 

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