Equity in Education Coalition Unequivocally Opposes ending DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and Encourages Our Federal Legislators to Pass The Dream Act of 2017

The Equity in Education Coalition (EEC) strongly and unequivocally opposes the White House’s announcement today that it is rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program.  

“This White House has, once again, proven to the American people and residents that it has no consideration or appreciation for the diversity, cultural assets and capabilities that our immigrant communities bring to this country,” said EEC Executive Director Sharonne Navas.

“DACA has strengthened America and we have 800,000 examples of that strength, unity and cultural diversity.  Our youth are entrepreneurial.  They are working to better a country that has been their home since childhood.  This is the only home they have ever known and we cannot, as a society, walk back on a promise we made to them years ago,” said The Honorable Velma Veloria, of the Equity in Education Coalition. 

“We have a responsibility to pass a bipartisan piece of legislation that addresses the vulnerability of Dreamers’ given our current immigration process,” said Veloria.

The decision to end DACA creates a crisis for 800,000 young adults and their families and is, in truth, a manufactured response to an artificial deadline from anti-immigrant leaders.

Advocates for equity and opportunity in our schools MUST be committed to the work that still must be done to protect DACA and its protections. Navas remarked, “Our Dreamers know only this country.  They know only this educational system.  They are the embodiment of the Promise of America.  We MUST pass the Dream Act of 2017.”

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