Families Belong Together

The separation of families, of children from their parents, of people from their rights, happening in America is reprehensible. We are stripping innocent children of their future – ensuring irreparable trauma on a generation of new Americans. We are torturing parents in the cruelest way imaginable. All for the “crime” of escaping violence and poverty for dreams of opportunity. 

Though America is caked in centuries of racism, xenophobia, sexism, and classism, this is a new low. Make no mistake, Trump is knowingly acting on the wrong side of history. 

Every single day that a child is taken from their parents and literally caged, the fabric of our country sours and rots. We are systematically, forcefully, and cruelly stripping people of their humanity and family – an exploit some would have considered unimaginable in the modern era.

In the face of crisis, Washington has appeared fearless and ready to fight. We applaud Attorney General of Washington Bob Ferguson who is leading a coalition of 12 other states in suing the Trump administration’s family separation policy and Trump’s more recent executive order. Ferguson argues that Trump is violating the due-process rights of parent and children, and by only targeting people crossing the southern border, is discriminating against Hispanic/Latinx immigrants. 

We also appreciate Governor Inslee’s leadership and attention in helping the 200 detained parents and children in Washington who are seeking asylum. In addition, the Northwest Immigrants Rights Project has been working around the clock to provide legal aid to asylum seekers, both parents and children. 

For Washington and America to thrive, we need to ensure that the basic needs of each and every child are met, but removing children from their parents accomplishes the exact opposite.

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