Reforming Discipline

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction recently proposed new adjustments to student discipline rules. Their proposal is a significant start to stopping disproportionate disciplinary action among students of color; students from non-English speaking families; students from low income communities; and students with special needs.

However, there are certain modifications EEC as well as 60 other organizations –  which include civil rights organizations, legal services providers, education advocates, social service providers, and disability rights organizations – think OSPI should implement.

The new student discipline rules should:

  • Require Alternative to Suspension and Expulsion
  • Engage Parents in Discipline in a Culturally Appropriate Manner and Ensuring Language Access
  • Collect Data on Informal Exclusion
  • Ensure Instruction in Education Services and Facilitating Parent Input
  • Limit Overly Coercive Behavior Agreements
  • Reconcile Definitions of Corporal Punishment with Restraint and Isolation Laws
  • Increase Focus on Reducing Disparities for Students with Disabilities

For more check out  our summary, and/or the full letter: Discipline Rules Letter to OSPI

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